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No Teeth

In the past the only solution for no teeth was complete dentures .A complete l denture is a set of artificial teeth that rests on the gums and   have acceptable cosmetic results. However there are  few  disadvantages.

-- Dentures are not fixed in place and tend to move and even fall  out. This is why there is such a huge market  for a
    denture adhesives and creams.
-- Dentures can be very uncomfortable or painful given that they rest on the gums. Therefore eating can be difficult and     unpleasant.
-- Patients wearing full dentures do not have the same feel, taste, and ability to distinguish different texture while chewing     as they did when they had their natural teeth.
-- The most important factor is dentures do not stop  the problem of bone loss.

Dental implants are now considered the standard of care for those missing all of their upper and/or lower teeth. In years past, the only solution for those missing all of their teeth was a conventional denture. Because dentures are the least expensive solution and because many people don't realize they have other options, many people with no teeth  still wear an upper or lower denture. However, they pay a high cost in quality of life and risk long term damage to their bone volume and facial appearance.

Dr. Priya  can create the ideal solution for those who are considering replacing their current dentures or looking for an alternative to dentures. There are a few options available for those who are missing all of their teeth from the upper and/or lower arches of the mouth.

1)All on 4 implants

Procedure :-

  • Surgical phase
  • For most cases, this phase involves the extractions, bone graft (if necessary), bone re-contouring (if necessary) and the surgical placement of the 4 dental implants.  

  • Restorative phase

  • When the implants have fully integrated with the jawbone (4 months to 6 months later), the “final” teeth are secured. Final solutions for the All On 4 include both fixed prostheses, such as a fixed, non-removable implant bridge with a concealed titanium framework supporting acrylic veneers, or individual crowns cemented to the bridge framework, and removable solutions, such as acrylic over-dentures on a implant bar over-denture.  Efficient treatment flow results in shorter treatment times and improved patient satisfaction.


    Implant bridge with a concealed titanium framework supporting acrylic veneers
    Individual crowns cemented to the bridge framework


    Acrylic over-dentures Implant bar over-denture

    2)All on 6 implants

    The proceure is the same like the all on 6 except the fact that instead of 4 ;6 implants are placed .Implant supported dentures

    3) Implants with  a ball and socket attachment

    This standard ball abutment is connected on top of a dental implant and is used usually as a retaining device for dentures. The ball snaps into a "socket" like connector (a retaining fixture) that is incorporated into the base of the denture. 

    The connection is achieved thanks to a rubber o-ring inside the socket connector providing adequate retaining force to hold the denture in place. By applying a bit more force the connection may be forced open, enabling the removal of dentures

    4)Implant with   a locator attachment


    5) Implants  with a bar  attachment

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