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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth ,also called third molars, are the types of molars that are found in the back of the mouth The usual age for eruption of wisdom teeth is 18-20 years of age.


They may become impacted (fail to erupt ) due to lack of room in the  jaw or angle of entry .
The most common type of impacted wisdom tooth is “mesial” meaning , the tooth in angled forward toward the front of the mouth .Wisdom tooth are typically removed in the late teens or early twenties because there is a greater chance that’s the teeth’s roots are not formed and the  bone surrounding the teeth  is less dense . These two factors makes wisdom tooth extraction easier as well as makes the recovery time shorter .

At  OUR  DENTAL OFFICE we  assess your wisdom teeth on a OPG X-Ray or a  CBCT Scan and make a recommendation as to whether the wisdom teeth will successfully erupt into your mouth, or will require removal.

 When the wisdom teeth are deeply impacted, then they can be best removed  under a General Anaesthetic
in  the Operation Theatre of our  hospital with our  Oral Surgeon.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions are considered a safe procedure where proper planning is first undertaken using appropriate images such as an OPG or  CBCT Scan.

If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain you should have a consultation to determine whether the teeth require removal.


To remove the wisdom tooth  first  the area around the tooth is made numb  with a local anaesthetic .Since the impacted tooth may be still under the  gums and embedded inside the jaw bone  the dentist has to remove a  portion of the covering bone to extract the tooth .To minimize the amount  of bone to be removed with the bone , the dentist often sections the wisdom tooth  so that each piece can be removed  through a small opening in the bone .

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