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1) Braces ( Conventional Orthodontics )

  Getting braces can be a life-changing event . The increased confidence that goes with a great smile can have a dramatic effect on your confidence and make you feel great. Not to mention the many health benefits achieved when the jaws are properly aligned and the teeth are in their correct positions. The moment when a patient gets their braces off   is  a moment they will cherish for the rest of their lives .
Braces are fixed orthodontic appliances used to correct alignment of teeth and bite. They are fitted on the upper, lower or both sets of teeth depending upon the correction required. They may be used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances too.
Braces apply continuous pressure to move teeth in a specific direction to bring about the right alignment and bite. The treatment period lasts from as little as 6 months to three years, depending on the level of movement required and the type of brace that is used.
The different types of conventional braces available are-

Stainless Steel metal braces : -
for those who are not allergic to metal. They are popular for their ruggedness and economy.

Ceramic braces :
made of a high-tech glass-like composite material and are quite expensive. They are quite strong and resistant to most stains, excluding those caused by foods, coffee, Coke, curry, smoking, etc.  

 2) Lingual Braces/Invisible  Braces

Lingual braces are bespoke braces that are fixed onto the inside of teeth, thus making them invisible to other people. The lingual braces treatment was originated by two separate dentists in the 1970s, including the late Dr. Craven Kurz and Professor Kinya Fujita, both of whom had the idea to attach braces to the back of the teeth. 

Due to improvements in technology and techniques, Lingual Braces have become a comfortable and aesthetically discreet choice for braces.


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