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Types Of Dental Implant

Conventional  Implants

These are 2-stage implants where the implant is surgically placed and after a suitable period of 3-4 months of integration with the bone  the implant is  uncovered and a  healing screw is placed .After 2-3 weeks the second piece of the implant “abutment” is fitted and restored for the desired purpose of either fixed restorative or removable restorative prosthesis. Technology has developed to the point that now , we can provide some conventional implant cases with a one-stage process that do not require the second stage surgery. But it is not suitable for every case .

Immediate  Implants

There has been a lot of talk lately about  "Immediate Loading" dental implants. Under such names as "Teeth in a Day", Teeth Now" or "Teeth Today", placing implants in patients and delivering the tooth restorations at the same time or within a day or two is being advocated. The standard way of providing implant teeth for patients has been to place the implants and wait for 3 to 6 months before providing the tooth restorations and that is still the way the vast majority of implant dental restorations are performed BY 80 % of denists worldwide . 

Unfortunately, just because something is stated in print, it does not mean that it is true or that you will actually benefit from the procedure. You must get all of the facts and then decide for yourself whether or not it is correct

Generally only patients with ample jawbone density and with no other predisposing risk factors are appropriate candidates for immediate loading.

There can be disadvantages with this procedure, the greatest being the higher risk of implant failure where adequate bone integration does not take place.
Though tall claims about immediate implants may be made, immediate implants at our dental office are only placed after a strict evaluation and scrutinisation  of the case .

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